2009 Simon De Pury shocked us by handing over 2.500 images with the request to create a book out of the material.
After grouping the pictures this way around and that way, we decided to bring the lots in order and find linking images to connect them. We still ended up with way too many pictures to squeeze them into one book. It still may have turned into a block of around 1600 sheets of paper. Not a book, but a paper tower
So, we created a film running 25fps to see how the images would fit together and through this process could pin-point the pictures which really are disturbing the flow.
The film below is one version away from the final selection of 424.
Sit very closely to the screen and replay and replay and replay when the film stops. It sort of hypnotised me for a couple of days.
The final film will be projected at the opening night of the exhibiton.

Click here to see more of our work for Simon de Pury on the Double Standards site

Click here to visit Simon de Pury’s PUREPURYGRAPHY site. It opens on October 21st 2009. The day of the book launch and opening of the exhibition